Aftabi Salajeet (Shilajit) 100 Gram


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  • Organic and natural Vitamin and Mineral Supplement.
  • Pure and natural with no side effects.
  • 100% guaranteed original Salajeet from the Mighty Himalayas and Karakorum mountains, in Chitral & Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Sourced directly from the mountains and in-house process and purification.
  • Salajeet is considered as the fountain of youth.
  • Salajeet is an anti-aging elixir.
  • Promotes anti-aging with antioxidants.
  • Aids in detoxification.
  • Improves nutrient absorption.
  • Supports joint health.
  • Overall well-being enhancer.
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Aftabi Salajeet (Shilajit) (After Clean) 100 Gram(آفتابی سلاجیت)

Shilajit or Salajeet is a thick, sticky tar-like substance with a colour ranging from white to dark brown (the latter is more common), found predominantly in Himalaya and Tibet mountains,Chitral Mountains, Caucasus mountains, Altai Mountains, and mountains of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.
“Salajeet is a 100% organic mineral with no side effects, found in high altitude mountains of Chitral,Himalayas and Karakoram.
“It is widely believed and accepted that, the purest and the best possible quality of Salajeet is extracted from the mighty Himalaya,Chitral, Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan.”
Salajeet is a sticky, tar-like resin substance that oozes out of mountainous regions in the summer when it is heated by the sun. It is formed over centuries by the decomposition of plants and the activity of unique microorganisms such as Euphorbia royleana and Trifolium repens.
Salajeet is composed of centuries old, decomposed plants which are a potent source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It just may be nature’s most potent trace mineral source. It’s a powerful adaptogen, helping protect against all types of mental and physical stress.

Salajeet takes centuries to form, and scientists consider it a millenary product of nature.

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  1. Zuhaib (verified owner)

    Aftabi Shilajit Pakistan ka best brand he , 3 years se me regular in se mangwata ho. Hamisha 100% pure salajeet bejte he . Me isko subke leye recommend karta ho.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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Aftabi Salajeet (Shilajit) 100 Gram